Friday, November 2, 2012

The Readers' Retreat.

Apologies for not posting for a while, but it has been a rather distracting week here in the Northeast, to put it mildly. I'm thankful that I can stop worrying about my friends in New York City and all the other places where Sandy had much more of an impact than she did here in Western Mass. My thoughts are still with you all.

In more cheerful news, Chris's concert went off nicely last Saturday once a few technical logging-on, going-live issues were resolved. He played for a full half hour, and I joined him for a twenty minute encore session. We played four songs: Fire in the Canyon, Radiation Vibe, Red Dragon Tattoo, and Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart. Event host Brad and I couldn't resist chiming in off-camera with a few backing vocals during Chris's solo set, and Brad also added some great egg-shaker percussion during a couple of the encore tunes. It was a fine night all around.

Online subscribers to the show could write into the live feed and comment or make requests. Our duets got quite a few thumbs up, and that felt good. I have quite a few more followers on Twitter now, and that's good too. If any of you guys followed the link in my profile over here and are reading this, thank you.


Later today, my wife Sarah and I are leaving our house and cats in her brother John's care, and heading up to a rented cabin close to the Vermont border for a couple of nights. We're packing lots of good food and a pile of brand new books. I'm calling this little getaway our Readers' Retreat, so naturally that made me think of this great song by Lloyd Cole. I'm not planning to do any writing, but I might bring my mandolin and the iPad, just in case.

Sometimes it's good to head off into new places and recharge the batteries. We're coming up on election day, and that has been on our minds a lot for quite a few months.  Sarah and I have been supporting President Obama and Elizabeth Warren, as well as the DCCC, Act Blue, and the Orange-to-Blue effort at Daily Kos with whatever small donations we could. Sarah will also be actively involved in GOTV (getting out the vote) on Monday and Tuesday. I am very proud of her.

Okay, I guess you know where we stand. And this coming Tuesday (or sooner, if your state allows early voting), I hope you will be standing in the voting line.  Because whether or not you're spending this weekend at your own version of a readers' retreat, or doing whatever it is you do to escape from the world for a few hours, we all know we have to come back home eventually.