Friday, November 16, 2012

Travelin' Man.

Considering how much I have been away from here lately, you're probably wondering if I've been keeping company with Waldo and Carmen San Diego. And while I've been thither and yon did I not have access to the internet? Couldn't I post something to let you know all is well?

Okay, so I've been away. And while I have posted a few updates, they have mostly been on Twitter or Facebook, and not in here. This place is supposed to be reserved for actual news, stuff about gigs and recording, guitars and amps, and occasional banter about shows friends of mine are playing and so on.

By the way, there are links to Twitter and Facebook over there in the right-hand sidebar. Follow me or friend me or both if you like. Then you'd see all those daily snippets about my fascinating life that you miss just by looking in here. But you did come here, and are probably looking for some news, so here you go:

The Readers' Retreat was a great getaway, and there are plans to return there for a few long weekends each year. Come to think of it, we didn't have internet at that place. It was glorious. In addition to that pleasant diversion, a couple of design gigs took me away for awhile, first to Manhattan for three days, and then up to Quebec for another two. There was internet, but I only had time for a couple quick check-ins on Twitter and Facebook; there wasn't an opportunity for any long-winded verbosity such as this thing you're reading at the moment.

But now I shall take a break from all this traveling. As of five o'clock this afternoon, I'll be on vacation. I'm taking Thanksgiving Week off, at least in terms of my design work, but I'm pretty sure there will be a good deal of music-related stuff going on. And hopefully there will be time enough to write about it.