Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recording Sessions Scheduled For February.

I have decided not to wait until the new iMac arrives (you know, the one we have had on order since last November). The trio will be recording four songs in February, using our old 16-track machine, and then I'll probably master them in the early version of Logic that I have on an old Mac mini. Rather than wait to make these part of a full-length album, the plan is to release these four on Bandcamp as soon as they are ready, and also press a short run of CDs to have available at shows.

In addition to the vocal pop-rock, I'll also be recording a number of short instrumentals (incidental music, if you like), thanks to some recent inquiries. Chances are I'll make those available for streaming but not as downloads.

So you see I'm not just sitting around drinking tea and reading old murder mysteries. Not that there's anything wrong with that.