Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Saturday Morning Post.

The Iron Horse gig last night was a blast. It was nice (of course) to see several friends in attendance, but also gratifying to receive so many kind remarks from a great many new faces after the show. My thanks again to the Iron Horse and Steve Forbert.

The recording session this past Thursday went well, even though we were a bit late getting started, thanks to yours truly. Nick and Fred got drum and bass track laid down for two more songs, so that means we've just got one left to do during this next week's session.

I also need to bring the Guitar De La Soir entries up to date. I neglected to include one after the first session, so I'll just state here that I used the Telecaster for both dates. I'm not really recording the guitar, but as we're all playing together in a room, it will be present in the mix as a very slight bleed in the drum overheads.

Last night I used my lovely sunburst Yamaha acoustic. I brought my little parlor guitar as a backup. I didn't use it, but will very likely play that one at the Robyn Hitchcock tribute this coming Saturday.