Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Gig Announced.

Just a quick "save the date' sort of post to let everyone know that the band will be playing The Basement in Northampton on Saturday, April 20th. This show will also feature a set by The Prestons, including a few tunes with Fred and Nick backing Bill Catalde and me in addition to all the usual duo goodness.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not Exactly Overnight Sensation.

Image thanks to The Hartford Advocate and • Click to embiggen.

I've been receiving a LOT of very nice feedback via email and social media concerning this profile of me, written by noted music writer Peter Gerstenzang (Rolling Stone, SPIN, Village Voice, among others). Peter and I have been online acquaintances for a couple of years, thanks to a mutual appreciation of pop-rock in general, and of Fountains Of Wayne in particular. In fact, Chris from FOW was asked to contribute a few words to the article, and very graciously found the time to do so. It was a lot of fun finally getting a chance to talk in person with Peter for the material behind all this. We spoke on the phone for two solid hours. Another nice thing is, the piece's publication this week also gives a great bit of promo to the upcoming show this Saturday in Hartford.

Guitar De La Soir.
I'm tucking this regular feature in here too, because tonight we've got a practice session in preparation for Saturday. I've decided to use my Telecaster for the gig, so will be using it tonight as well.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guitar De La Soir.

Practice tonight will feature the 1957 Reissue Gretsch Silver Jet. I love this guitar.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Guitar De La Soir.

Played the Gibson SG last night at practice. Nick and Fred are learning two more songs off the Wednesday Child album so we can start performing them at band shows, instead of me just doing them on my lonesome. The songs in question are Wednesday Child and Maybe The Girl. If you come to the Hartford gig, you'll hear us play them.

In other news, work progresses on the attic redesign here at headquarters, and a few bits of new studio gear have arrived. Today I'm going to put the new case together which will hold the vinyl LP collection, and will gather up another pile of rubbish for the Saturday morning run to our town dump. Such a glamorous life, music.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Session Shots.

We finished the last of the basic tracks this past Thursday. Then I packed up all the recording gear and we played for a while just for fun.

Partway into the session, I took a few more pics with my iPad mini, and posted four of them to Twitter. Here they are again, for those of you who do not tweet.