Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crowdsourcing Times Two.

I'm of two minds about crowdsourcing or funding or whatever you want to call it. I think it's a great idea, but so much so that there are simply too many great projects out there to be able to contribute to all the ones we'd like to. Anyway, I'd like to mention a couple of projects two friends currently have underway in case either (or both) might be something you'd be interested in as well.

By now you all know about my being friends with (and occasionally working with) that Collingwood guy. I'm not as close with the rest of Fountains Of Wayne as I am with Chris, but Jody Porter, the band's lead guitar player and I sometimes geek out about guitars via email. Jopo has a solo album in the works to which I've pledged a small donation. Besides being a helluva guitar player, Jody writes really cool songs and I'm looking forward to hearing this when it's done. Here's the link: Jody Porter • Month Of Mondays

On a more local note, my friend Jeff Steblea is similarly funding the new album by his band Mystics Anonymous. This particular project features a bit more personal involvement on my part, as I'm actually playing guitar on it. I really dig Jeff's two bands (Mystic Anonymous and Fiesta Brava), so I'm honored to have been asked to contribute a bit of jangle to three of the songs on this new disc. You can help by tossing a bit his way. Here's the link: Mystics Anonymous • Dreaming For Hours

And another thing: Both of these guys have set up some really great perqs depending on the amount you commit. Click the links up there and check 'em out.