Monday, June 2, 2014

June Stuff.

Here it is June already, and I see there are three shows slated for this month. The first is a private gig on the 18th, but after that it's a couple of public events. The trio will be at the Bing Arts Center in Springfield for a Solstice Party on the 21st. On the 22nd, I'm playing a duo set with ace bassist Dave Hayes at the Gary Biardi Memorial Concert in Easthampton.

Mostly what I'm doing these days is continuing the work on the new album. I have two songs pretty much completed, and another three well underway, apart from final vocals and embellishments. The remaining four are in the machine, but nowhere near ready to talk about yet.

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 Hang on...

If we can take one last look back at May, here's a very nice shot of (l-r) Debbie Way, Brian Marchese, me, and Dave Hayes onstage for "Playground" during the XTC Tribute.

Thanks to Leo Hwang (another fine area musician who also performed that night) for the photo.