Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Album News.

Five songs are done, and I'm working on the sixth. At present, it appears that the final count will be nine, which you may recall was my original intent. But if I write something really good in the next couple of months, the count may go up a bit. Who knows?  Whatever the case, I'm quite pleased with the results so far.

Guest artists? Thanks for asking. They include Chris Collingwood, who programmed drums on two songs (and tracked my acoustic guitar parts for them as well), Jim Weeks, who contributed bass and drums on two other cuts, and my frequent trio cohorts Fred Goodhue and Nick Dines provided the bass and drums for one of the songs.

Plans are still in place for a release sometime in the autumn months.

On the performance side of things, tomorrow evening is the first of those three closely-spaced gigs I mentioned in the last post. The weather is supposed to be lovely. I hope it'll be the same where you are.