Sunday, November 15, 2015

Covers! Get 'em While They're Hot.

I have been performing and peddling my own compositions for a while now, and have not really been involved with playing other artists’ hits from the distant past in quite some time. Not since school really, and then for a spell with The Bluescasters, in the pre-Group DeVille days. But being involved with this new act, Red & The Rockets, has rekindled in me the very simple joy of doing so.

We’re rehearsing this afternoon for our first club gig next week, and I have to tell you it’s just plain fun playing these old songs again. Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, even Howlin' Wolf, Nancy Sinatra and Patsy Cline...they roll out of the memory, off the tongue, and through the fingers like old friends. And the originals that Scott Pomeroy has written for the project are just as much fun to play. I mean it.

Get your hair piled high and come see us at Whiskerz Pub on the 21st. It's gonna be a bash and a rave-up and a shindig all rock 'n rolled into one great time.