Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Guitar De La Soir.

Tonight is the Michael Nesmith 70th Birthday Tribute show. Thought about bringing the SG, but have decided to bring the Telecaster for the additional jangle factor. Hope to see some of you there.

Friday, December 28, 2012

First Night Northampton.

Poster by Gordon Daniels
See you Monday Night.

This is one of my favorite events each year, and I'll be joined by the familiar rhythm section of Fred Goodhue and Nick Dines.

We've got two sets at The Elevens, starting at 7pm.

Guitar De La Soir.

Tonight's our final rehearsal for the New Year's Eve gig, and it's the Fender Telecaster.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Introducing: Guitar De La Soir.

Welcome to Guitar De La Soir (guitar of the evening), the latest guitar-centric feature in here. It'll be a short blurb about which one I've chosen as my primary axe for that night's session or performance.

Tonight we're practicing (or is it rehearsing? — see my December 14th post) up at Fred's house, and I'm bringing the Gibson SG. That's it in the picture. Fred took the original photo a few years ago during a recording session.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Gretschmas.

This image was in a recent email message from the nice folks at Gretsch, and is a sentiment I heartily endorse.

I already have the silver one (a reissue of a 1957 model), but if Santa wanted to bring one of the gold ones down the chimney next week, I wouldn't mind.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Practice or Rehearsal?

It's a familiar question. A couple of weeks ago, I got together with Fred and Nick for practice. Tonight we're having a rehearsal. Sometimes people ask me what's the difference.

Generally speaking, I've always used the word Practice to describe two situations: a) working alone on improving one's technique, b) regular sessions with a group. The term Rehearsal is one I use to indicate those sessions one does in preparation for a specific show.

In either case, one could be learning new material or going over the existing repertoire, nailing down the flow of each song and making adjustments to each arrangement as necessary. But in rehearsal, closer attention is being paid to the flow of the performance, working on intros and segués, and anticipating instrument changes and so on.

Hope to see you at the Grange Hall on Sunday (see last post). That was the first place I ever sat in with Fred's old band The Bluescasters (he phoned the next day to inform me I had been drafted into the group), so it'll be a sort of homecoming for us. Should be a fun show, and it'll definitely be for a good cause.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Benefit Show Announced.

 Another event has been added to the performance calendar for this month:

Williamsburg Grange Winter Wonder Pot Luck Party
Sunday, December 16th 6pm

Folks are encouraged to bring a dish to share, and there's a donation requested at the door ($5 or more would be nice) to help pay for Grange renovations. The Grange Hall is right next door to the Williamsburg General Store, on Route 9 in the center of Williamsburg.

Musical Lineup:
7:00pm  Brantner DeAtley
7:30pm  Susan Farrell
8:00pm  The Rick Murnane Band
8:30pm  Sean Burns
9:00pm  Bad Daddies
9:30pm  The Damon Reeves Band

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Concert Pics.

Photos: Ivan Oransky
This morning I found two pictures that our friend Ivan took during that online concert thing a few weeks back.

I especially like the top one because it makes me look quite a bit taller than I really am.

I'm only five-six, and was standing next to someone who is six-four. The lower pic is somewhat more accurate, obviously.

A lot of you have asked whether the event was archived, but that wasn't an option at the time (at least not through Stageit). If anyone recorded it somehow, let us know.

See you 'round.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And Now, a Word From Mike Nesmith.

That Could Have Been Your Face, Motherf&@#er!

I'll be playing in a concert next month honoring Mike Nesmith's 70th birthday. The event will feature a pleasing and tasteful assortment of favorite Valley musicians playing songs from his years with the Monkees and afterwards.

The show is Sunday, December 30th at The Elevens in Northampton (his actual birthday, in and further details to follow).

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Look.

I've been using this image as a background on Twitter for a while, and wondered if its lower contrast would make the blogsite a little bit more readable, as opposed to the original photograph. I think it does. To celebrate, I've also adopted it for my Twitter and Facebook profile headers.

In music news, the Rick Murnane Band (the trio version with Nick and Fred) got together yesterday for the first rehearsal session in advance of our First Night concert. We dragged out a couple of old favorites and worked on some new arrangements for them, in addition to going over some new material. It was a lot of fun.

And yes, I've decided to just call this thing the Rick Murnane Band from now on when playing out as the trio (or quartet or what have you). On the posters, we'll just list whichever band members are playing that particular gig. We've got all sorts of interesting shows in the works for 2013, both at home and away. In the meantime, see you 'round town.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Travelin' Man.

Considering how much I have been away from here lately, you're probably wondering if I've been keeping company with Waldo and Carmen San Diego. And while I've been thither and yon did I not have access to the internet? Couldn't I post something to let you know all is well?

Okay, so I've been away. And while I have posted a few updates, they have mostly been on Twitter or Facebook, and not in here. This place is supposed to be reserved for actual news, stuff about gigs and recording, guitars and amps, and occasional banter about shows friends of mine are playing and so on.

By the way, there are links to Twitter and Facebook over there in the right-hand sidebar. Follow me or friend me or both if you like. Then you'd see all those daily snippets about my fascinating life that you miss just by looking in here. But you did come here, and are probably looking for some news, so here you go:

The Readers' Retreat was a great getaway, and there are plans to return there for a few long weekends each year. Come to think of it, we didn't have internet at that place. It was glorious. In addition to that pleasant diversion, a couple of design gigs took me away for awhile, first to Manhattan for three days, and then up to Quebec for another two. There was internet, but I only had time for a couple quick check-ins on Twitter and Facebook; there wasn't an opportunity for any long-winded verbosity such as this thing you're reading at the moment.

But now I shall take a break from all this traveling. As of five o'clock this afternoon, I'll be on vacation. I'm taking Thanksgiving Week off, at least in terms of my design work, but I'm pretty sure there will be a good deal of music-related stuff going on. And hopefully there will be time enough to write about it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Readers' Retreat.

Apologies for not posting for a while, but it has been a rather distracting week here in the Northeast, to put it mildly. I'm thankful that I can stop worrying about my friends in New York City and all the other places where Sandy had much more of an impact than she did here in Western Mass. My thoughts are still with you all.

In more cheerful news, Chris's concert went off nicely last Saturday once a few technical logging-on, going-live issues were resolved. He played for a full half hour, and I joined him for a twenty minute encore session. We played four songs: Fire in the Canyon, Radiation Vibe, Red Dragon Tattoo, and Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart. Event host Brad and I couldn't resist chiming in off-camera with a few backing vocals during Chris's solo set, and Brad also added some great egg-shaker percussion during a couple of the encore tunes. It was a fine night all around.

Online subscribers to the show could write into the live feed and comment or make requests. Our duets got quite a few thumbs up, and that felt good. I have quite a few more followers on Twitter now, and that's good too. If any of you guys followed the link in my profile over here and are reading this, thank you.


Later today, my wife Sarah and I are leaving our house and cats in her brother John's care, and heading up to a rented cabin close to the Vermont border for a couple of nights. We're packing lots of good food and a pile of brand new books. I'm calling this little getaway our Readers' Retreat, so naturally that made me think of this great song by Lloyd Cole. I'm not planning to do any writing, but I might bring my mandolin and the iPad, just in case.

Sometimes it's good to head off into new places and recharge the batteries. We're coming up on election day, and that has been on our minds a lot for quite a few months.  Sarah and I have been supporting President Obama and Elizabeth Warren, as well as the DCCC, Act Blue, and the Orange-to-Blue effort at Daily Kos with whatever small donations we could. Sarah will also be actively involved in GOTV (getting out the vote) on Monday and Tuesday. I am very proud of her.

Okay, I guess you know where we stand. And this coming Tuesday (or sooner, if your state allows early voting), I hope you will be standing in the voting line.  Because whether or not you're spending this weekend at your own version of a readers' retreat, or doing whatever it is you do to escape from the world for a few hours, we all know we have to come back home eventually.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

That Collingwood Guy.

Photo by that Murnane guy.
When he's not off on the road somewhere with Fountains Of Wayne, Chris Collingwood is just another guy hanging out in the Northampton area like the rest of us. Those of you who have my album may also have noticed that he engineered it and provided all the drum and percussion tracks. He's a good guy to have around when he's around.

This coming Saturday (October 27th), he's putting on one of those newfangled internet concerts that seem to be building in momentum everywhere. Our mutual friend Brad apparently talked him into it, and is even hosting the event. You can read what Chris wrote about it HERE and sign up to see the broadcast HERE.

Chris took me up on my offer to use my little PA, and also asked if I'd like to sit in on a couple of things. So we'll see what happens. The only thing I don't like about seeing and hearing Chris perform is being reminded how much better his songs are than mine.

Monday, October 8, 2012

October Surprise.

Seeing how I put up a free download in honor of that Paul McCartney fellow's birthday back in June, here's one for
John Lennon (which is only fitting, considering we share October as our birth-month).


In other news, I've got two shows coming up. Apart from the annual First Night Northampton bash on New Year's Eve, these will be the last two shows in my performance schedule for this year. Even if you can't make it to either of these, please let your Springfield and Hartford friends know about them. Thanks!

Friday, October 19th at the Bing Arts Center in Springfield, MA.

Saturday, October 20th at La Paloma Sabanera Coffee House in Hartford, CT
(produced by the lovely people at So Many Stars Music). 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Community Room.

My friend Ken Maiuri's column Clubland is always a great read. This latest one looks back at the show that The Prestons and Luke Cavagnac recently played down in the Community Room at the Forbes Library. It's a wonderful concert series, and cheers to Jason Mazzotta (aka Jason Bourgeois) for organizing the fun each month.

NOTE: The photo accompanying the article was taken by Sarah Palmer.

Monday, September 10, 2012

See You In September.

Poster by Jason Bourgeois
Here's a poster that our friend Jason made. It's advertising the first of two public shows I'll be playing this month. For this gig, I'll be one-half of The Prestons, and it happens Wednesday the 19th at the Forbes Library in Northampton, along with Luke Cavagnac, another regional favorite.

Next up, The Prestons will also be opening for the Rick Murnane Band (or whatever it is) that same Friday, the 21st, at Mocha Maya's in Shelburne Falls. We played two shows like this earlier in the year and it was loads of fun.

Hope to see you at one or both of these not-to-be-missed events. Subtle hint there, people.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Sharp Dressed Men.

Photo: L. A. Pomeroy
Here's a photo of Zip Cody and me as "Sonny & Brownie Go Electric" at Transperformance this past Tuesday evening.

The real Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee were known for not getting along very well, and we had a bit of fun playing up to that with the between-song banter.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Sunday Paper.

Photo: Chris Collingwood
George Lenker asked me a few questions about the Transperformance experience.

I knew all along that the interview was going to be readable online, but I am told it also appeared on the front page of Section G in yesterday's Springfield Sunday Republican, complete with picture. We don't actually get the paper, so I don't know if they credited the photo to that guy Chris or not. But we certainly will here.

Monday, August 13, 2012

C'mon Everybody!

You're coming to Transperformance, right? Well, get there early, because you'll want to get parked and through the ticket line in time to get a good spot on the lawn before the fun starts at 4pm. Then again, all the spots on the lawn are good. But get there early anyway, because all the performances are always way beyond good, and you don't want to miss any of them.

This will be my fourth time playing the event, but the first time I'll be in more than one act. I'm going on at 4:30 as Brownie McGhee (with Zip Cody on harp as Sonny Terry), and again at 5:15 with the Zip Cody band as Humble Pie. Zip and I had a bit of a warm-up at Bishop's Lounge this past Saturday evening, and we're pretty excited about how all this is gonna sound. See you there.

Friday, August 10, 2012


One of my favorite venues to either play or see a show is Northampton's Iron Horse Music Hall. Their motto is "Music Alone Shall Live." While I agree for the most part with that, I'd hasten to add that a lot of the music lives on because people like Leo Fender once lived. And thankfully, the instruments those people designed and built are still giving life to Music.

Happy 103rd birthday, Leo. Thanks for everything. But yeah, mostly for Telecasters.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Transperformance 22.

Alison Wood / Northampton Arts Council

 If you're planning to attend this year's Transperformance (and you should), you will be happy to learn that tickets are available as of today.

This is always a tremendously fun event for performers and audience alike, and it's a good idea to purchase however many tickets you need well ahead of time (subtle hint, folks).

I hope to see you there.

Monday, July 23, 2012

August Dates.

Yeah, I know it's still July, but let's jump ahead. It'll be August soon enough, and there are two fun public gigs I'll be playing next month.

Friday, August 10th: I'll be opening for Seth Adam at Mocha Maya's in Shelburne Falls. Seth and I took part in a Songwriters' Circle (along with Henning Ohlenbusch and Adam Greenberg) last September at The Basement in Northampton. He's a great songwriter and performer, and it'll be good to share the stage with him again.

Tuesday, August 28th: I'm playing the 22nd annual Transperformance at Look Park in Northampton. This year's theme is Food Groups, and I'll be transperforming twice: first as BROWNIE McGhee (along with my friend Scott Pomeroy — aka Zip Cody — on harp as Sonny Terry), and again singing backup as Zip Cody & band transperform themselves into Humble PIE. See? Food Groups. The lineup looks amazing as always.

Hope to see you at one or both of these. Meanwhile, I hope you're enjoying the Summer.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home Again.

Tonight's show was a private event right here in town. Dave Hayes joined me on bass, and Nick Dines played drums. The night was nothing short of splendid. The audience was great, made up of neighbors plus a crowd of nice folks visiting from Detroit, Chicago, Manhattan and elsewhere. They were very attentive and appreciative, and we had a blast playing for them.

The next gig on the list is open to the public, and is coming up this Thursday: the annual "Pop On The Lawn" show, featuring The Fawns, Rick Murnane & Friends, and School For The Dead. Angel Park, Williamsburg, 7pm. Family-friendly and FREE.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Quiet Neighborhood.

Photo: Sarah Palmer
Although we like using the cartoon that I did a few years ago for posters and avatars, Bill and I decided we really could use a proper press photo of The Prestons.

My wife Sarah kindly obliged us with a shoot last week, and so far this is the front-runner.

Seeing how our motto is "We write cheerful songs about death and dead people," the location seemed fitting.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America.

I'm spending today with friends and family, and I hope you can too, at least part of it, and whether or not you live here or somewhere else in the world. We're all in this together. Which is pretty much what the folks who started this country were saying when they did. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should not be exclusive to Americans. Peace and love to you all, and a happy fourth of July.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Songwriters' Corner.

Well, that's what I'm calling it. There will be me (a songwriter), and Bill Catalde (another songwriter), and we'll be in a comfortable corner of the Blue House Café tonight, playing as The Prestons, and starting things off at 6:30pm. We're gonna have two guitars (plus a spare, maybe) and a small PA, and a list of possible songs. Most of them on the list will be ones we wrote, but a handful of them are cover tunes we like to do.

We're going to do a neighborly, living-room type show tonight. We usually like to stand up and be polished onstage professionals, but tonight we'll sit in chairs and have a nice relaxed time of it, talking stuff over and deciding what to do next between songs. Unrehearsed and off the cuff, as it were. Any chance you'll be in town? Come see what happens.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday, Paul McCartney.

In honor of Macca's birthday, I put up the most Beatle-ish track on my album as a FREE DOWNLOAD on June 18th.

(It's probably more George-sounding than Paul-sounding, but here you go anyway.)

Originally intended to be up for just one week, I've decided to leave it as a freebie. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Free Download.

It's simple. The playlist that Performer Magazine had up on Soundcloud during the month of May has been taken down, and with it went the Wednesday Child title track they had included in the list. It got a lot of plays, and that put a great big smile on my face.

So I've decided to go them one better. Today I put the song up again, over on Bandcamp. And now, not only can you listen to the title track, you can also DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE.

There is now a link over there in the right-hand sidebar for this, and I've also edited the wording for the Bandcamp and iTunes links to say click/tap here. Considering that most of us are using a phone or some kind of tablet more often that not these days, click by itself seems a bit archaic.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Northampton Media.

There's a piece about the album, the songs, and the closing-up-shop of Group DeVille in Northampton Media's Music Section. A great conversation with Dave Madeloni a couple of weeks ago led to this.

It feels sort of odd talking about GDV five months after the split, but it's a band I'll always say I was proud to have been part of.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Prestons.

Photo: Cate Vojdik
Here's a nice moody shot of The Prestons, taken during our opening set last Friday, May 25th at The Basement in Northampton.

You can join us for a full evening's show come the end of June. We'll be running down the long list of songs we've put together over the past thirty or so years, and pulling a few cover tunes out of the bag, too. It'll be fun.

Save the date: Friday June 29th. Come spend an evening with The Prestons at the Blue House Café.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good As Gold.

There's a super review of the album over on the Power of Pop website. This pop culture site is run by the Singapore pop maven Kevin Mathews, and is well worth bookmarking.

"Wednesday Child is the kind of musical treasure the card-carrying members of the Pop Underground spend hours obsessing over." - Kevin Mathews, Power of Pop

Kevin followed up the review by asking me to answer his PoP10 Questions.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top Pick in Performer.

Performer Magazine has some very nice things to say about Wednesday Child in the May issue:

Beautiful, psychedelic material suitable for any day of the week.

There is an endearing quality to Wednesday Child, one that can be attributed to the incomparable warmth of Rick Murnane’s voice – a voice that calls to mind Beatle-esque psychedelia, Beachwood Sparks, and SMILE. An album marking the end of a twelve-year reign with the bluesy, pop-driven outfit, Group DeVille, Murnane’s full-length solo debut signals the beginning of a new musical era – one that is a heartfelt outpouring of emotion through lyrics that are both introspective and relatable to all generations. Although Murnane has enjoyed considerable success, this endeavor brings him back down to earth and he comes across as an approachable individual with much to share. Wednesday Child is the perfect compliment to lighthearted mornings spent reclining in a hammock or porch swing, or even relaxing by the gentle waves of the ocean. Murnane’s compositions, namely the title track, “Wednesday Child,” “Shoulder This Burden” and “Everything” evoke California dreams within listeners. We are subconsciously being advised to stop, breathe for a moment, and become fully present in our surroundings – reveling in the surrounding beauty.  —Julia R. DeStefano 

Reprinted with the kind permission of Performer Magazine.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Um...that last post was just for last Saturday, by the way. So you can feel free to buy the album again if you like. And if you did download it on Record Store Day, it'll be our little secret.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Record Store Day.

I'd like to ask you guys to not buy my album today. It's only available as a digital download or in CD form at shows. In other words, not in stores. And today is Record Store Day. I've noticed a lot of talk online about today being all about a return to vinyl. But the way I understand it is that Record Store Day is more about supporting independent, brick-and-mortar record stores and less about vinyl versus CD versus MP3 downloads and all that.

I'm in New York City for a few days and will be out and about hunting for jazz albums and old punk 45s today. But that's the point. To get out and into the shops, and to do business with an actual human being. It also is supposed to remind us that their livelihood depends on our commerce more than just one day a year.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

RIP, Dick Clark & Levon Helm.

I do hope that every fourth post in here doesn't turn out to be a memorial to another music industry legend. But this one is about two of them. Yesterday we heard the news about the death of America's Oldest Teenager. For some, Dick Clark will be remembered as the face of New Year's Rockin' Eve, and for others he'll be remembered as a significant powerhouse behind the scenes, a long-time executive producer in music and broadcasting. But I will always remember Dick Clark for the years he spent in front of a television camera, hosting American Bandstand. In doing so, he helped this country's general public accept (and even come to appreciate) rock 'n' roll, and for that he deserves a great big thank you.

The Band played a number of songs that contributed to the soundtrack of my young life, and in my heart there will always be a special place for those guys. In addition to being a terrific drummer, Levon Helm's voice gave an honest and distinctive character to a number of their songs, and I was a fan from the first time I heard The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Another favorite of mine featuring Levon's pipes was Ophelia from Northern Lights, Southern Cross. He went through a lot, physically and emotionally over these last several years, and now he can rest. And we can be thankful we're still able to hear him sing and lay down the backbeat on all those wonderful recordings.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Yes. Here in the Planning Ahead Department, we're already well into the Fall Booking Season and it's not even Summer yet. This is what we do. We also (obviously) like to make occasional use of the editorial "we," and are tireless defenders of the Oxford comma.

You may have noticed that we've placed an Appearances list over there in the right-hand column. As of this writing we have added two Fall dates, and are working on several more.

We'll be returning to Mocha Maya's in September. This is a terrific venue in Shelburne Falls, MA. In October, we'll be playing a House Concert down in Hartford, CT.  This will be at a private residence, but will also be open to the public. Note that this use of "we" actually implies plural humans. The ever-popular rhythm section of Nick Dines and Fred Goodhue will be joining me for these shows.

As always, details about each gig will be posted here and elsewhere as we get closer to the dates in question.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Well-Traveled Wednesday Child.

The latest distant address to have a Wednesday Child CD on the way is Singapore. This one's going to the attention of Kevin Mathews, who (among other talents) runs the excellent site Power of Pop.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

RIP, Jim Marshall.

I can't let today pass with paying my respects to one of Music's pioneering greats. The legendary Jim Marshall, founder of Marshall Amplification, has left the building, aged 88. The tone from his amplifiers helped make rock music sound the way it does. And that sound is beautiful.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

There's A River Down There.

This ten-song album by The Prestons is now available as a free download over on Bandcamp.

We recorded this in 2007, burned a few copies for friends, and that was that. But now we've decided to let it see the light of day again.

You don't actually have to be next to a river to enjoy it, but if one is nearby, so much the better.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello, Northampton.

Just confirmed the first Northampton show in support of Wednesday Child, so save the date: Friday, May 25th at The Basement. I'll post more details as we get closer, but it's safe to say that the night will follow a similar format to the release party.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thanks For Listening.

Just a quick note of appreciation to all who joined me for last Friday's CD Release. It was exactly the kind of evening I had hoped for. An intimate local venue, a full but not overcrowded house, an hour and a half worth of music played with friends, a pile of CDs sold, and a generous sum in the tip jar. Being a benevolent dictator, I contented myself with the CD proceeds and split the tip jar take evenly among the other three players.

I've added an appearances list over there in the right hand sidebar. You can see that we've got some gigs confirmed for May and July. There are other shows in the works, and they'll be posted in here and elsewhere as soon as they're definite.

It's shaping up to be a fine year. Thanks again, everyone.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

See You at The Blue House.

This Friday will be the public's first chance to get an actual physical CD copy of Wednesday Child. As mentioned elsewhere in here, this will be a low-key, local release party at a favorite neighborhood venue, The Blue House Café.

I'll be joined by the familiar rhythm section of Nick Dines and Fred Goodhue during the course of the evening, and there will be some old favorite tunes included among songs off the album. There's gonna be a rare performance by The Prestons, my duo with Connecticut songwriter Bill Catalde, and it will also be the first time I'll be bringing my new Gretsch out in public. She's a beauty.

Tonight I'm getting together with Nick and Fred to go over a few things one last time before the gig. We're all really looking forward to playing for you all again, instead of just practicing. Or talking about it online.

UPDATE: Cheers to Ken Maiuri, who included a nice write-up about the album release in this week's Clubland.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Also tipping the hat to George Lenker, for the kind mention in Scouting Report.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Prestons.

Some of you are aware that Connecticut songwriter Bill Catalde and I have had a little duo called The Prestons for dog's years. We don't play out much: a couple times each year, but in 2007 we recorded a ten-song CD called There's A River Down There, and burned a few copies for friends. We did the same with a five-song EP in 2010, which we titled The World Is Upside Down.

Now we're thinking it would be fun to just put everything up as free downloads somewhere, so I set up a page for us over at Bandcamp.

NOTE: right now, it's just the EP, but I'll upload the ten-song River when time allows (which sounds better than "when I find the master").

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheers to the Nightcrawler.

There's a nice bit of ink about yours truly and the album in this week's Valley Advocate. Gary Carra's Nightcrawler column has given consistently fine support to a wide spectrum of area artists over the years.  For my part at least, I am very grateful. I will mention that our properties are not really "abutting," but it's a fun word, abutting. Got "butt" in it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Different is Good.

So says Northampton radio station WRSI (The River 93.9fm). Who am I to disagree? Wednesday Child has been enjoying some airplay there of late, and one regular slot has been during Jim Neill's Jukebox. Jim is the Marketing Director at Iron Horse Entertainment Group, so many notable local concert venues fall within his bailiwick. I've certainly enjoyed playing The Iron Horse and The Basement over the years, as well as attending more shows in IHEG places than I can count. Anyway, Jim's program is well worth the listen, and it airs each Wednesday night. He's been giving the Wednesday Child title track a spin. Appropriate, yes?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mersey Sakes Alive.

As was previously foretold, Wednesday Child was reviewed by the Juke Box Jury panel on the BBC Merseyside show On The Beat this past Saturday. You can either listen to the entire program (it's a great show, featuring a wide range of artists), or scroll ahead to my bit. They play the title track at 0:48:44, and the panel review follows (also: my song Damage Is Done plays out the show at 1:28:45).

The show will be archived until this Saturday, so listen while you can. If you like what you hear (the panel seemed to), remember that there is a convenient link to iTunes over there in the right-hand sidebar.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Liverpool Calling.

My song "Any Other Town" from Wednesday Child played out the BBC Merseyside program On The Beat this past Saturday (click the link and either listen to the show or scroll forward to around 2:27:00). The album gets reviewed by their Jukebox Jury next Saturday.

Monday, February 13, 2012


There will be a low-key, extremely local CD release party at the Blue House Café (Route 9 in Haydenville) on Friday, March 30th. I'll be joined by a few musician friends for a good part of the evening, and there will be some familiar old favorites in addition to the new stuff. The music starts at 6:30pm, and there's no cover.

Special Deliveries.

A few advance copies have been hand-delivered, but others have gone by post to Japan, Ireland, and England. This week, more are being shipped to North Carolina, Georgia, California, Oregon, the other end of Massachusetts, and another to England. Fear not, there will be plenty of them left for the CD release show.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I recorded a version of Lesa Bezo's wonderful song Lived Without It for a compilation album in honor of her songwriting chops (and also in celebration of a recent landmark birthday). The entire 29-track double album is available for download on Bandcamp. It's called Friends.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye, Old Band.

Before launching this solo thing in earnest, I was best known in the Northampton area for my work with a band called Group DeVille. We were together for a little over twelve years, and played our final concert on New Year's Eve, 2011. The last bits of business are winding down, and I just posted what will (probably) be the final post on the band's blog: Group DeVille

Friday, January 27, 2012

They're Here.

The discs arrived in Massachusetts yesterday, and so did I. Touched down at Bradley Field around 8:30pm, got back to the house around 10, and was happy to see these had been delivered that afternoon.

It's good to be home again. Looks like the post office is going to see a lot of me over the next few weeks.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pressing Business.

The actual CDs are now officially scheduled to arrive next week. And of course I won't be here when they do. I'm off to Las Vegas on Monday.

Big In Japan.

Rick Murnane待望のソロアルバム「Wednesday Child」ついに発売!日本のiTunes Storeからもダウンロードできます。fountains of wayneのクリスがドラム/ジャケット写真/エンジニアを担当!

(Arigatou to Makiko for this!)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Liner Notes.

All songs by Rick Murnane • ©2012 Buttonshop Music (ASCAP)
All vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboard noises by Rick Murnane
All drum and percussion noises by Chris Collingwood
Recorded at Camp Workaround in scenic Western Massachusetts
Engineered by Chris Collingwood • Produced and mixed by Rick Murnane
Design by Rick Murnane • Cover photo by Chris Collingwood

Team Photo.

Original photo: L. Stevenson

Why Wednesday Child?

Like lots of people, I was born on a Wednesday. But while the title song refers to the classic children's rhyme, it is about an imagined someone. It's not autobiographical. I'm generally a pretty cheerful guy. And yes, I'm also big fan of Charles Addams, but the little girl in his cartoons has nothing to do with the title, either.

What happened was my friend Chris and I got together for dinner and a recording session just about every Wednesday evening for a year or so, and this album was one of the eventual results. The original idea was to get familiar with some new recording software and hardware that Chris was installing in his studio, and I was a convenient conspirator with some songs lying around. After a while, the project began to take shape into something more than just an excuse to learn more about engineering.

Long story short: Wednesdays were when we worked on the songs. It just seemed natural to treat Wednesday Child as a title track and name the album that.  If you find any fault with the songs, the singing, the playing, or the production, blame me and not the other guy. But I hope you enjoy at least one or two of them, and on whichever day you like.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Music Tuesday.

Right on schedule, the album's out as of today. You can preview all nine songs HERE.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

This Just In.

Wednesday Child will be released on iTunes worldwide on Tuesday, January 10th, if everything goes according to plan. Should also be receiving the actual CDs in the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year.

Today seems like a good day to introduce this new blogsite to those of you who were wondering what was coming next. The packaging design is finally finished, so the new album gets sent off this week to iTunes and to have the first run of CDs burned. Welcome to 2012. Here we go.