Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Wednesday Child and Building the Railroad will no longer be sold on iTunes as of next month (January 5th and the 21st, respectively). The albums will still be available for sale on Bandcamp and (of course) directly from me via the post or in person at shows. This move away from what has become of Apple is one of several changes in the works for 2016, and I assure you it is the least interesting of them. Still, the public has a right to know.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Subtle Reminder: First Night Northampton.

Right, here you go. I'm playing an afternoon set this year, the 5:00pm slot downstairs in Lyman Hall at First Churches. The show is listed under my name, but it will be a Goodhue, Dines, and Murnane show, featuring new acoustic arrangements of our past and recent favorites.

Also, this First Night show will be the last public performance for the foreseeable future. Recording projects are taking priority, and it's unlikely I'll be booking any solo or trio gigs until March at least. So if you think you'll need a GD&M fix to tide you over, get down to Lyman Hall on New Year's Eve.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Music Night.

Here's a pic taken by Tom Adams during our performance this past Friday at the Williamsburg Grange Community Hall. The event, organized by Tom, was the first of four Monthly Music Nights happening through March.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Next Up: First Night.

The next performance will be during First Night Northampton. As always on First Night, it will be the Goodhue, Dines, and Murnane lineup. But for the first time, we put in a request during the booking process to play an afternoon show rather than one in the later hours of the night.

I'll be playing acoustic this time, too, which is another way we're changing things up a bit, and we're also playing a new-to-us venue. Lyman Hall at First Churches is one of my favorite spaces to see performances during the event, and this will be our first time playing the room. It's First Night, right? So we're making it a night of many firsts, and hope to see you there. We play one set from 5:00 to 5:45pm.

Poster courtesy of Northampton Center for the Arts. Click this caption to learn more.

Friday, December 4, 2015

The December Double Single.

Take a glance at the top of the right-hand column, and you'll spot that December Surprise I was talking about: The December Double Single, featuring acoustic mixes of two songs off the Building the Railroad album. Like the Summer Singles, you can either download the tracks for free or send a bit of holiday cheer my way. Anyway, I hope you like 'em. Thanks for listening.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Grange Hall Gig Announced.

Set your calendars for Friday, December 11th. Tom Adams (the gent who brought Williamsburg the popular Angel Park series of Summer concerts), has invited us to be the first featured act at a new monthly music night at the Williamsburg Grange Hall. The plan is to have an open mic from 7-8pm, and then a performance from 8-9pm by a headline artist. In this case, that's Goodhue, Dines, and Murnane. You know, local boys made good.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Covers! Get 'em While They're Hot.

I have been performing and peddling my own compositions for a while now, and have not really been involved with playing other artists’ hits from the distant past in quite some time. Not since school really, and then for a spell with The Bluescasters, in the pre-Group DeVille days. But being involved with this new act, Red & The Rockets, has rekindled in me the very simple joy of doing so.

We’re rehearsing this afternoon for our first club gig next week, and I have to tell you it’s just plain fun playing these old songs again. Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, even Howlin' Wolf, Nancy Sinatra and Patsy Cline...they roll out of the memory, off the tongue, and through the fingers like old friends. And the originals that Scott Pomeroy has written for the project are just as much fun to play. I mean it.

Get your hair piled high and come see us at Whiskerz Pub on the 21st. It's gonna be a bash and a rave-up and a shindig all rock 'n rolled into one great time.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another December Gig.

Looks like Goodhue, Dines, and Murnane will be playing another show in December, earlier in the month than the annual First Night celebration in Northampton. I will post the details as soon as they are confirmed.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


The Prestons - Beautiful Rain
Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, MIDI drums/instruments, Vocals, Engineer, Producer
Rick Murnane - The Last Fridays (full compilation album of the project below)
Songwriter, All instruments/vocals, Engineer/Producer
Rick Murnane - Last Friday Songs (a new single every month for a year)
Songwriter, All instruments/vocals, Engineer/Producer
January: The Blues Come Around
February: Forever and a Day
March: Never Gonna Know
April: Not One Sound
May: Beautiful Rain
John MacLean - (album)
Mix Engineer

Rick Murnane - Last Friday Songs (a new single every month for a year)
Songwriter, All instruments/vocals, Engineer/Producer
June: Valley of Hearts
July: All of the Old Clichés
August: Goodbye Lonely Times
September: Too Much Rain Today
October: The World We Created
November: Be All Right
December: Fine This Time
The Goodhue Project - Present in the Past
Most instruments plus vocals on three tracks, Engineer/Co-Producer
Arthur Sherry - (album)
Mix Engineer

Rick Murnane - December Double Single: Two Acoustics (limited time streaming/download)
Songwriter, All instruments/vocals, Engineer/Producer
Rick Murnane - Lucky in Every Way by Pugwash (limited time streaming/download)
Tribute cover version - All instruments/vocals, Engineer/Producer
Rick Murnane - Summer Single: Bring You Down (limited time streaming/download)
Songwriter, All instruments/vocals, Engineer/Producer
Rick Murnane - Summer Single: Monkey in the Zoo (limited time streaming/download)
Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Engineer/Producer
The Goodhue Project - North Past North Main
All instruments plus vocals on one track, Engineer/Co-Producer
 Rick Murnane - Building the Railroad
Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, MIDI drums/instruments, Vocals, Engineer, Producer

Rick Murnane - Summer Single: Holiday Road (limited time streaming/download)
Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Engineer/Producer
Mystics Anonymous - Dreaming for Hours

Rick Murnane - Four Stories (limited time streaming/download)
Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals, Engineer/Producer
Bet Am Chorus and Band - Givah Jams (limited private release) 
Engineer (tracking/mixing/mastering)

Rick Murnane - Wednesday Child
Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals, Mix Engineer, Producer
Friends: The Songs of Lesa Bezo - Various Artists
Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Engineer (Lived Without It - Rick Murnane)

Group DeVille - Public Gardens
Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals, Engineer/Producer
The Prestons - The World is Upside Down
Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Drum Loops, Vocals, Engineer/Producer

Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy - Various Artists
b/g Vocals (Cookie Jar - Chris Collingwood)

Group DeVille - The Dark End of the House

Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals, Engineer/Producer
The Prestons - There's a River Down There
Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Drum Loops, Vocals, Engineer/Producer
Sitting Next to Brian - Polite
Guitar,  b/g Vocals
The Sandinista Project: A Tribute to The Clash - Various Artists
Guitar, b/g Vocals - (Let's Go Crazy - Storybox)
Rick Murnane - Telling Time - (collected demos)
Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Drum Loops, Vocals, Engineer/Producer

Group DeVille - Martian Holiday
Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals, Producer

Group DeVille - Hold No Illusions
Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Ray Mason - Three Dollar Man
b/g Vocals (You'll Never Play Here Again)

Group DeVille - Six From Five - (band demo)
Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals

The Bluescasters - Cassette - (band demo)
Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals, Engineer/Producer

Bet Am Chorus and Band - Live at the Bet Am - Cassette

A Land of Water: Navigation in the Adirondacks - Sierra Club Documentary
Acoustic Guitar Soundtrack 
John Follis & Friends - Various Artists - Cassette
Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015


You might not know this, but I'm playing in a new rockabilly band called Red & The Rockets. We've had three rehearsals and have only played one live set so far, but it's shaping up into a whole lot of fun. The act is built around the vocal duo of Scott Pomeroy (Orange Crush, Zip Cody) and Marianna Wood (she's the "Red") and also features me on guitar and Bow-Bow (J. Scott Brandon of Drunk Stuntmen fame) on electric bass. We'll be playing originals by Scott and a bunch of cool covers.

The band. Photo by L.A. Pomeroy
Our next gig will be Saturday, November 21st at Whiskerz Pub in Easthampton. Stop by if you feel like having a good time.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

By Request.

Okay, the band asked me to leave my version of Lucky In Every Way up a while longer so they can download it properly when they get home and not just hold their phones up to their ears. (Update: this was available until November 1, 2015.)

And yes, it was a terrific show last night, in case you were wondering. Here's a cool shot our friend Rie took from the side of the stage during my set with J.J. and Dave.

Photo by Rie Saito

Monday, September 7, 2015

Lucky In Every Way.

So anyway, I did a cover of Lucky in Every Way by Pugwash. Enjoy. (Update: this was available until November 1, 2015.)

I recorded this here and there in my studio over the past few weeks. It is posted online by permission, and will ONLY be available from Labor Day until my show with Pugwash on September 15th at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA.

Words and music by Thomas Walsh. Please buy the new Pugwash album, "Play This Intimately (as if among friends)," from which I totally nicked this. Just a little homage of mine, and all in fun. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Friday The Eleventh.

Come to the show! Memorial Hall / Pothole Pictures 

I'm playing a solo acoustic set on Friday, September 11th in Shelburne Falls before a screening of Francois Truffault's "Day For Night." 7:30pm. $6 adults, $4 kids under 12.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Tri-County Tour.

I'm playing five shows right here in Western Mass during the month of September. Hopefully you'll decide at least one of 'em will be nearby enough to get you off the couch. Anyway, they run Franklin, Hampshire, Hampshire, Hamden, Hampshire, so I'm calling September my Tri-County tour.

Memorial Hall / Pothole Pictures - I'm playing a solo acoustic set on Friday, September 11th in Shelburne Falls before a screening of Francois Truffault's "Day For Night."

Iron Horse Music Hall - with Pugwash on Tuesday, September 15th in Northampton. This is a trio show with J.J. O'Connell on drums and Dave Hayes on bass.

Goshen Town Hall - Sunday, September 20th in Goshen. This is a trio show, with Nick Dines on drums and Fred Goodhue on bass.

Bing Arts Center - Friday, September 25th in Springfield. Another trio show, with Nick and Fred.

Millside Park - I'll be playing guitar with Red and the Rockets - Sunday, September 27th in Easthampton as part of the Second Annual Gerry Biardi Memorial Concert.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Transperformance 2015.

Image courtesy Northampton Arts Council

My next public performance will be playing guitar in the Zip Cody band at this incredible annual event. It is always a wonderful time, and if you are going to be in Western Massachusetts on the date, I strongly encourage you to attend. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Prestons Poster.

New England songwriters Bill Catalde and Rick Murnane are Liam and Chard Preston. They write cheerful songs about death and dead people. On rare occasions they come out in public and sing them at the living.

Click here to visit our bandcamp pages. See ya Sunday.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Prestons Announce July Gig.

My duo with Connecticut songwriter Bill Catalde will be making a rare live appearance this July. In our roles as Liam and Chard Preston, we'll be filling a Sunday afternoon with music at Mocha Maya's in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts (one of my favorite venues, in one of my favorite towns). No cover, tips appreciated. 2:30 to 4:00pm on Sunday, July 26th. A show by The Prestons is always memorable. Mark your calendars now, because you won't want to miss this one.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pedal Points.

"What does that pedal do?" It's a familiar question. Guitar players like messing about with pedals, even when they're not plugged in. Every so often we juggle the order around, trying out new ones, upgrading, sometimes changing out one or two whose purpose is no longer needed or in favor, and occasionally we like to streamline everything and get back to basics.

I did this recently by setting up two different pedalboards: a primary board for most situations, and a smaller one to use with acoustic guitars going into a PA system. Here, take a look:

The top board is the main one. The signal path runs Tuner > Compressor (set to a light evening-out sort of comp) > Overdrive (set to a medium-level drive) > Overdrive (set to a light, pick sensitive drive) > Tremolo > Delay. This is a simple yet versatile array that gives me pretty much all the changes I'd want underfoot at most gigs. There used to be two other pedals on this board, but they were used so infrequently I decided to remove them.

The smaller board below it is arranged like this: Tuner > Reverb (set to a "hall" type 'verb) > Delay. These give a nice shimmer and an occasional light echo to my acoustics.

The effects are daisy chained together on each board for powering them all with a single adapter. And that's the story about the pedals I use...at least for right now.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Radio Free Americana.

Happy to announce that the new album has been added to the rotation over at Radio Free Americana. 

It would appear that I am in very good company indeed.

Thanks as well to all of my new friends, fans, followers on Twitter, all you Facebook Artist Page likers, and also to those of you who have bought the album at gigs, through the mail, or online at Bandcamp and iTunes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Next Three Gigs.

As I write this, one of them is only a couple of days away.

Friday Night Café  - with Ray Mason - Friday, March 27th in Cummington.

Mocha Maya's - Sunday, April 26th in Shelburne Falls.

Iron Horse - with John Eddie - Friday, May 1st in Northampton.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pugwash Tour Update Update.

Here are some more images and memories from the tour.

Close quarters at Toad, Cambridge • Photo mine
Hamden • Photos by Bill Davies (L) and Gina Gorgone Murdock (R)
Portland, Northampton, and Hamden • Photos mine
Northampton • Photos by Rie Saito
Northampton • Photos mine • Gretsch also mine

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pugwash Tour Update.

Sorry for the lapse in postings, but I've been away. My short New England tour supporting Pugwash began last Friday, and even on supposed days off — the ones without a gig to play — there has been a lot of real-world activity that's kept me away from the blog/site. Now I'm home for a bit until the last show tomorrow night in Hamden, Connecticut. I have a meeting this afternoon, but some time right now to bring us all up-to-date.

The tour? In a word: wonderful. Here, have some photos. I'll post more as they become available.


Photo by Mike Dow
Photo by Mike Dow


Photos (clockwise from top left): David Tolar, Andy Stone, Laurie Lynne


Daily Hampshire Gazette • Thursday, March 5, 2015 • Page C-3

Photo by Hannah Zahn

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gig Poster - The Outer Space.

Pugwash Posters.

Artwork by Thomas Walsh (with slight size and typeface adjustments by RM)

UPDATE: Just designed this one today - 02/10/15

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

All Aboard.

As of today, Building The Railroad is available online, worldwide, through iTunes and Bandcamp.

Click here for the iTunes preview page. This page also features the tracks from the Wednesday Child Album. You can listen to clips of each song, and then click through to the iTunes site/app to purchase the album and/or individual songs.

Click here for the Bandcamp site. Here you can not only purchase the whole album, but also stream it from start to finish. In addition, you'll notice that as with Wednesday Child, the first track is available as a free download.

Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Upcoming Shows.

 (NOTE: updated on 1/27)  Over to the right, there is a feature called Upcoming Shows. It's a nice feature, but it doesn't exactly scream "Come see me!" does it? So here's a larger, more insistent version for you:

Thirsty Mind - "All Folked Up" with Michael Orlen, Bruce King, and Dennis Avery - Friday, January 30th in South Hadley.

The Outer Space - with Colorway and The Dress-Ups - Thursday, February 19th in Hamden CT.

Mocha Maya's - Sunday, February 22nd in Shelburne Falls.

Portland Empire - with PUGWASH - Friday, March 6th in Portland ME.

Toad - with PUGWASH - Saturday, March 7th in Cambridge.

Iron Horse - with PUGWASH - Monday, March 9th in Northampton.

The Outer Space / The Ballroom - with PUGWASH, The Shellye Valauskas Experience, and The Mold Monkeys - Friday, March 13th in Hamden CT.

Friday Night Café  - with Ray Mason - Friday, March 27th in Cummington.

Mocha Maya's - Sunday, April 26th in Shelburne Falls.

Iron Horse - with John Eddie - Friday, May 1st in Northampton.