Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Nights This Week.

My friend Patrick hails from Athens, GA so we only ever get to connect online. Among many other sterling qualities, Patrick is a superb drummer, and his band Easter Island is performing this coming Wednesday at The Outer Space in Hamden, CT. I'm so going to this. Looks like Easter Island is the featured act on the venue's weekly open mic night, too, so obviously I'm gonna pack a guitar.

The next night, that Collingwood guy is opening for the legendary Boston-area band Big Dipper at the Iron Horse up here in Northampton, MA. Backing Chris for the night will be the killer Hartford-based band The Shinolas (yes, this is the same band he and I sat in with a couple years ago in Hartford). I'm really looking forward to this one, too. I never got to see Big Dipper in their previous heyday, so I'm eager to catch them now that they're back.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guitar De La Soir.

The band's playing an afternoon gig today, from 2-4pm at Mocha Maya's. I'm planning to divide the time between two real workhorses: the Telecaster and my little parlor guitar, an Art & Lutherie Ami, which has a Duncan Performer soundhole pickup permanently installed in it. These little pickups are really inexpensive, and while they don't have the fidelity of the more expensive acoustic pickup options, in this particular guitar the thing sounds great. I'll run both instruments through my 5 watt tweed amp. If you're anywhere near Shelburne Falls today, stop in and hear what everything sounds like.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recording Sessions Scheduled For February.

I have decided not to wait until the new iMac arrives (you know, the one we have had on order since last November). The trio will be recording four songs in February, using our old 16-track machine, and then I'll probably master them in the early version of Logic that I have on an old Mac mini. Rather than wait to make these part of a full-length album, the plan is to release these four on Bandcamp as soon as they are ready, and also press a short run of CDs to have available at shows.

In addition to the vocal pop-rock, I'll also be recording a number of short instrumentals (incidental music, if you like), thanks to some recent inquiries. Chances are I'll make those available for streaming but not as downloads.

So you see I'm not just sitting around drinking tea and reading old murder mysteries. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The B's Knees.

Artwork: M. Freddy Stockwell
Greater Boston's wonderful Belinda Rawlins hosts Bubbles In The Think Tank ("It's not a blog, it's a radio show"), and I am happy to report that Wednesday Child has made her list of not-to-be-missed musical highlights from 2012.

‘Maybe the Girl’ was a fabulous track!”

Rick Murnane – Wednesday Child (Buttonshop)  When Bubbles in the Think Tank favorite Ray Mason heard this disc, he got in touch with Rick and told him to mail it to Belinda immediately. I’m so glad he did. So bright, so poppy, this disc spent many spins making food with me.  It all tasted better for it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Gig.

Happy New Year, everyone. Today seems like a good day to mention the first booking for 2013. The Rick Murnane Band (trio version, with perhaps some drop-in special guests) will be playing an afternoon show from 2 to 4pm at Mocha Maya's in Shelburne Falls on Sunday, January 27th.

Note: I have a pile of new material to work on and some recording to do during this first part of the year, so gigs are going to be rare until Spring arrives.