Wednesday, March 28, 2012

See You at The Blue House.

This Friday will be the public's first chance to get an actual physical CD copy of Wednesday Child. As mentioned elsewhere in here, this will be a low-key, local release party at a favorite neighborhood venue, The Blue House Café.

I'll be joined by the familiar rhythm section of Nick Dines and Fred Goodhue during the course of the evening, and there will be some old favorite tunes included among songs off the album. There's gonna be a rare performance by The Prestons, my duo with Connecticut songwriter Bill Catalde, and it will also be the first time I'll be bringing my new Gretsch out in public. She's a beauty.

Tonight I'm getting together with Nick and Fred to go over a few things one last time before the gig. We're all really looking forward to playing for you all again, instead of just practicing. Or talking about it online.

UPDATE: Cheers to Ken Maiuri, who included a nice write-up about the album release in this week's Clubland.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Also tipping the hat to George Lenker, for the kind mention in Scouting Report.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Prestons.

Some of you are aware that Connecticut songwriter Bill Catalde and I have had a little duo called The Prestons for dog's years. We don't play out much: a couple times each year, but in 2007 we recorded a ten-song CD called There's A River Down There, and burned a few copies for friends. We did the same with a five-song EP in 2010, which we titled The World Is Upside Down.

Now we're thinking it would be fun to just put everything up as free downloads somewhere, so I set up a page for us over at Bandcamp.

NOTE: right now, it's just the EP, but I'll upload the ten-song River when time allows (which sounds better than "when I find the master").

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheers to the Nightcrawler.

There's a nice bit of ink about yours truly and the album in this week's Valley Advocate. Gary Carra's Nightcrawler column has given consistently fine support to a wide spectrum of area artists over the years.  For my part at least, I am very grateful. I will mention that our properties are not really "abutting," but it's a fun word, abutting. Got "butt" in it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Different is Good.

So says Northampton radio station WRSI (The River 93.9fm). Who am I to disagree? Wednesday Child has been enjoying some airplay there of late, and one regular slot has been during Jim Neill's Jukebox. Jim is the Marketing Director at Iron Horse Entertainment Group, so many notable local concert venues fall within his bailiwick. I've certainly enjoyed playing The Iron Horse and The Basement over the years, as well as attending more shows in IHEG places than I can count. Anyway, Jim's program is well worth the listen, and it airs each Wednesday night. He's been giving the Wednesday Child title track a spin. Appropriate, yes?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mersey Sakes Alive.

As was previously foretold, Wednesday Child was reviewed by the Juke Box Jury panel on the BBC Merseyside show On The Beat this past Saturday. You can either listen to the entire program (it's a great show, featuring a wide range of artists), or scroll ahead to my bit. They play the title track at 0:48:44, and the panel review follows (also: my song Damage Is Done plays out the show at 1:28:45).

The show will be archived until this Saturday, so listen while you can. If you like what you hear (the panel seemed to), remember that there is a convenient link to iTunes over there in the right-hand sidebar.