Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Next Show.

Thursday, October 30th
The Luthier's Co-Op, Easthampton • 9-10pm

Trio gig. No cover, but bring money anyway. There's an upside-down drum that gets handed around for your generous donations to the cause*, and there is also a bar to keep your whistle wet. Our friend Sue Burkhart plays the 7-8 set, and Show Of Cards is on from 8-9, so get there early.

*The cause being the musicians. Dig deep.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Building The Railroad.

Here's your album update, folks. Seven songs are complete and mixed, and the last two recordings are underway. The current plan is to release the album online (iTunes and very likely elsewhere as well) in January, and then begin a series of gigs in support of a physical CD release in the Spring. This is what I did for Wednesday Child, and that worked out very well all around.

The title of the album will be Building The Railroad, which is a phrase from one of the songs, and also a bit of a play on words, considering the recording process also involves laying down tracks. As for said tracks, there will be nine brand new songs on the album, and the physical CD will also contain a bonus cut, Holiday Road, which was this past Summer's giveaway single.

The cover art this time will feature a photograph by my friend Steve Daly, who is an excellent photographer in general, but who loves taking pictures of trains and railways. Here is a recent post on his blog about the photo in question. I knew it was perfect the moment I saw it, and am very pleased he agreed to my use of it.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen, Rickwash.

Saturday night with Pugwash was pretty great. I played six songs solo to open the show, and then Tosh, Joe, and Shaun (l-r in the video) joined me for a seventh, final tune: a simple rock shuffle take on my song Holiday Road (the studio version of which was this year's Summer Single, you may recall). The very excellent guitarist and songwriter F. Alex Johnson shot the video. Cheers, kind sir!

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Irish Are Coming.

In fact, they're here as of today. One of my favorite bands ever, the four lads in Pugwash have embarked on their first US tour. Chris introduced me to them around the time we were starting work on my Wednesday Child album. Long story short, we've all become mutual friends via email, social media, and tossing CDs back and forth across the briny.

Image courtesy of Pugwash and
The first date on the tour is in Hamden, Connecticut, a mere hour and a half down the highway. I'll be there. A few days later, my wife and I will see them in Portland, Maine. And two days after that, I'm opening for them in Northampton, an 8pm show at The Basement on October 11th. You can imagine how chuffed I am about this.