Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guitar De La Soir.

This afternoon we have another recording session to finish up the basic tracks. We've just got one song left to do, so it should go pretty quickly. I'll be playing the Tele, just like I have been during the previous sessions.

In other GDLS news, I'm now leaning toward playing an electric guitar on Sunday at the Robyn Hitchcock tribute. Now I just have to decide which one.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Saturday Morning Post.

The Iron Horse gig last night was a blast. It was nice (of course) to see several friends in attendance, but also gratifying to receive so many kind remarks from a great many new faces after the show. My thanks again to the Iron Horse and Steve Forbert.

The recording session this past Thursday went well, even though we were a bit late getting started, thanks to yours truly. Nick and Fred got drum and bass track laid down for two more songs, so that means we've just got one left to do during this next week's session.

I also need to bring the Guitar De La Soir entries up to date. I neglected to include one after the first session, so I'll just state here that I used the Telecaster for both dates. I'm not really recording the guitar, but as we're all playing together in a room, it will be present in the mix as a very slight bleed in the drum overheads.

Last night I used my lovely sunburst Yamaha acoustic. I brought my little parlor guitar as a backup. I didn't use it, but will very likely play that one at the Robyn Hitchcock tribute this coming Saturday.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fast Forward.

If you pay regular attention to the "upcoming shows" feature over there in the right-hand sidebar, you'll already know that two of the four shows on the list are coming up in the very near future. But in case you aren't aware, here's the skinny.

Friday, February 22nd, I'll be playing a solo set at the Iron Horse in Northampton MA, opening for Steve Forbert.

Sunday, March 3rd, I'm playing at The Parlor Room in Northampton MA, with a star-studded cast as part of a 60th birthday tribute to Robyn Hitchcock. Dave Hayes will be joining me on bass for this.

These are going to be very special shows, and I'd love to see you there.

Quick Rewind.

Here are a couple pics from the last session, which I had previously posted to Twitter. We're in a comfortable and warm-sounding room, and the basic tracks sounded really good straight into the machine, without the need for any EQ or compression up front. I simply arranged five mics around the kit, got them placed where they sounded best, brought up the gain to where the levels all matched, and hit the red button.

We're playing the songs live in the room, but very quietly, with me singing vocal cues without a mic. The bass guitar is going direct, but is also amplified, so there will be a very slight amount of bleed from the bass and guitar amps. This is intentional, and it will help to achieve the warm overall tone I'm looking for with these four songs

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day.

The guitar thing started early. Original photo by Barb Murnane.
Last night we began tracking the songs that'll be going on the new EP. There will be four of them, and I'm hoping for a release time before Summer.

In the meantime, however, I rediscovered this little number I recorded a while back and decided to put it up online as a free single.

You Can Never Tell isn't a love song to anyone in particular, but it's about love. So I guess it's for everybody. Including you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Photo taken by Chris Collingwood at the recent Mocha Maya's gig. Click to embiggen.

Guitar De La Soir.

Today we got the studio space set up at Fred's house, rearranging furniture and amps, and clearing one space for the drum kit and another for the recording equipment. I got the whole kit mic'ed, and all the cabling figured out, and eventually we got down to rehearsing the first two songs we'll record. We decided to do that instead of tracking anything today, but the next time we meet (early next week after this impending blizzard blows through), we're all set to press the red button. What? Oh right, the guitar. I used the Telecaster this afternoon.