Thursday, August 1, 2013

Save The Date.

Here's a heads-up about a show - no, an event - coming up in September.

A Duo Of Trios: Colorway at The Elevens (early show) with Rick Murnane (w/Dave Hayes and Sturgis Cunningham) Sat, Sep. 28. 6:30-9pm

Al Johnson's new band Colorway is some kinda wonderful, and I'm way beyond happy to be sharing this particular bill. Rounding out my own trio for the night is the most recent Superkart rhythm section of Dave Hayes and Sturgis Cunningham (gonna give those Goodhue and Dines guys a night off for a change). Dave and Sturgis and I have been trying to fit a gig together into our schedules for a while now. Here it is.