Monday, January 9, 2017

(Re)Introducing: The Town Council


Nick Dines, Fred Goodhue, and I first played together in a neighborhood band called The Bluescasters. Eventually we went all-original and renamed ourselves Group DeVille. GDV made a demo CD, started booking club shows, and went on to enjoy a twelve year run performing throughout the Northeast, recording and releasing four well-received albums of blues rock along the way.

Group DeVille disbanded in 2011, and I went off on my own, releasing the "Wednesday Child" and "Building the Railroad" albums in 2012 and 2015, respectively. I've been fortunate to have played and toured with many local pros, and have shared a few stages with some of my favorite international acts. But I've also kept playing area shows with Nick and Fred as my rhythm section, mainly community events and benefits, but the occasional club gig as well.


Sometime last year, Nick and Fred and I realized that those bluesy numbers from the GDV days and the classics we covered with The Bluescasters are what we enjoy playing best when we're together. We've decided to take this approach from this point on, and leave my solo material to my solo gigs. We will be performing not as The Rick Murnane Band or Trio or whatever, but under a new name that means the three of us instead of just highlighting one of us. As of now, we are The Town Council.

Our first appearance as The Town Council will be Friday, February 24th at Luthier's Co-Op, sharing the bill with Colorway and Soul Magnets.